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If you are looking to study in US and hesitating where to go and what are different rules in different States and universities you should know some important facts.

Our survey asks various professionals which college they consider best prepares its students for success in life. The top three colleges in the 2019 survey were Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Caltech (California Institute of Technology). They are followed by Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Amherst College of Massachusetts, Williams College, and Pomona College of California. The annual cost of tuition and fees varies from around $40k to $55k plus campus cost from approx. $10k to $16k per year.

Scholarships.plus rating for the top US universities will help you to chose the best fit for your ambitions and budget. The following best-of-the-best list we updated just recently. At the top of the ranking is Stanford University. Named the “billionaire factory” it is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, home to Apple, Cisco, Google, HP, and many other top tech companies that continue to be led by Stanford alumni. Then, it followed by the Harvard University - the oldest higher education institution in the United States - is widely regarded of its influence, reputation, and academic pedigree as a leading university in not just the US but also the world. The other top institutions are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of Oxford, University of Chicago, Princeton University, Cornell University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Michigan. The annual cost of tuition and fees varies from around $35k to $60k plus campus cost from approx. $10k to $20k per year.

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HCU Full tuition international awards in USA

The Heritage Christian University will provide full tuition fees to the successful candidates. Application Deadline: The applications are open in the following manner: Fall semester: July 21 Spring semester: December 1 Summer Term: April 15 ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  Fall term: July 21; Spring term: December 1 ; Summer term: April 15
  •  United States

Goi Peace Foundation International Essay Contest for Youth

The following awards will be given in the Children’s category and Youth category respectively: 1st Prize: Certificate, prize of 100,000 Yen (approx. US$900 as of March 2021) and gift … 1 entrant 2nd Prize: Certificate, prize of 50,00... more details

  •  Course, Diploma, Bachelor
  •  15-Jun-2021
  •  Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America

Academic Merit Awards for International Students at Young Harris College, USA

The Young Harris College will provide the $18,000 to $23,000 to the selected applicants for their complete course of study up to four years. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Diploma
  •  15-Oct-2021
  •  United States

ULTATEL Scholarship Grant

If your essay gets chosen as the winner, we will award you with a one-time scholarship amount of $2,500 to cover your undergraduate or postgraduate tuition and fees. ULTATEL will mail a check directly to your college or university on your behalf.... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master
  •  31-Jan-2022
  •  United States

Florida Institute of Technology International Student Scholarships in USA

The successful candidates who meet the criteria will benefit from this aid, which will cover up to $10,000 of the tuition fee for an accepted course. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  Open throughout the year
  •  United States

Maison Law Students With Injuries Scholarship, USA

Maison Law is providing the award amount of $1,000 to a deserving candidate.... more details

  •  Course, Bachelor
  •  01-May-2021
  •  United States

Jonsson School International Axxess Scholarships in USA

The University of Texas at Dallas will provide tuition fees to successful candidates for undergraduate study.... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  14-May-2021
  •  United States

Orlando Lanes Student Scholarships in USA

Orlando Lanes will provide the award amount of $2,000 to deserving students.... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  01-Aug-2021
  •  United States

International Bearcats Everywhere Scholarships in USA

The University of Cincinnati will cover tuition-fees to the successful candidates for the academic year 2021/2022. ... more details

  •  Diploma, Bachelor
  •  01-Jul-2021
  •  United States

Workday VIBE™ Scholarship, USA

If selected as a recipient, the student may receive an award ranging from $5,000 to $15,000. Award amounts will be determined based on financial need. Up to 50 awards will be granted. Awards may be renewed for up to three additional years or until a ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  18-May-2021
  •  United States

Hiram College Global Scholarships in USA

Hiram College Program is providing award amount of range from $2,000 to $10,000 to the deserving candidates for the academic year 2021/2022. ... more details

  •  Diploma, Bachelor
  •  14-May-2021
  •  United States

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World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program, USA

In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, applicants must: Be a citizen of a World Bank-eligible country Have three years of STEM-related experience  Have a bachelor’s degree completed at least three years before applying ... more details

  •  Master, PhD
  •  21-May-2021
  •  United States

STANLEY Access Technologies Scholarship Program

This international program is open to those who reside in, or plan to study in, the US, UK, France, Sweden, and The Neatherlands.... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  15-Apr-2021
  •  France, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

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