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University and College Scholarships in Canada

Looking for any information about how to get some Canada scholarships and financial aid to pay out your tuition fees faster? You are in the right place and here you will find a variety of ongoing college and university scholarships ⭐ in Canada for 2021-2022 years, available for local scholars and international students.

Some of these scholarships in Canada are fully or partially funded, while some may have very specific benefits like tuition and accomodation fees coverage for international students, different allowances, or travel and insurance coverages. These Canada scholarships ⭐, grants and bursaries can be for both postgraduates and undergraduates, for Bachelors Degree, Masters, PhD, Fellowship or can be based on merit or have competitive schemes like contests or incentives and student loans. Scholarships are usually funded by Canada government, universities, colleges or private sponsors from Canada.

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University of Regina Undergraduate International Student Welcome Solidarity Scholarships, Canada

The University of Regina provides award amount in the following manner: New students that register for only the Winter 2021 term or only for the Spring/Summer 2021 term will receive a $1,000 tuition credit upon arrival and registration in the Fall ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  01-Aug-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  up to $2,000

International Entrance Scholarships at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Each successful scholar will receive the award amount of $4,400 for students to complete their education in Canada. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  30-Apr-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $4,400

ETS Internal Master’s and Doctorate international awards in Canada

ÉTS School of Technology will provide an award for masters: $5,000 (1 semester) and for doctorate: $7,500 (1 semester) ... more details

  •  Master
  •  22-Jan-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  Master’s $5,000 (1 semester),Doctorate $7,500 (1 semester)

University of King’s College International Student Awards in Canada

The University of King’s College will provide an education fund to the successful students for the Master of Journalism program. ... more details

  •  Master, Diploma
  •  31-Aug-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  Education fund

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Sixsurgery Scholarships, 2021

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute will provide an award of a $1,200 scholarship to one deserving student who has demonstrated leadership in medical or health-related fields.  ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  01-Apr-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $1,200

Volunteer Engagement Graduate Studies Scholarships for International Students at University of Quebec, Canada

The university will provide all the following: 3 awards of $1,000 / 1 semester 4 awards of $2,500 / 1 semester ... more details

  •  Master
  •  22-Jan-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $2,500

World Bank Group and FTJGB Essay Writing Competition

The winning entry will be published in the Financial Times (at its sole discretion) and the World Bank Group blog. Based on restrictions during the pandemic the World Bank Group will also find additional, virtual ways to honour the winner in April 20... more details

  •  Course, Diploma
  •  15-Feb-2021
  •  Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America
  • $$  Varies

Trent University International Remembrance Scholarships in Canada

Trent University will provide award amounts of $10,000 to the successful candidates for the session 2021/2022. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  12-Feb-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $10,000

Seneca Renewable Entrance International merit awards at Seneca College, Canada

0 GPA+ — $500 per year 3 GPA+ — $750 per year 6 GPA+ — $1,000 per year ... more details

  •  Diploma
  •  30-May-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  Up to $1,000 per year

Latin America & Brazil Scholarships at Niagara College, Canada

The scholarship winner will receive the amount of $2,000 accredited towards the course fee for the academic year 2021/2022. ... more details

  •  Diploma, Bachelor
  •  01-Feb-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $2,000

Presidential International Baccalaureate Scholarships at Saint Mary’s University, Canada

The St.Mary’s University will provide the Presidential Scholarship and the Presidential International Baccalaureate Scholarship valued at $9,000 (CAD) per year and are renewable over four years for a total of $36,000 (CAD). ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  01-Mar-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $9,000

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Google Lime Scholarships

Selected students will receive 10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or 5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada) for the 2021-2022 school year... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  Varies
  •  Canada, United States
  • $$  5000CAD or $10,000

University of Alberta International Entrance Citation Awards in Canada

The University of Alberta will provide the award amount of $40,000 to complete their education in Canada. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  01-Mar-2021
  •  Canada
  • $$  $40,000

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