Don’t Forget These Things Before You Go To Campus

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Exploring campuses is well worth your while. You don’t have to travel far — visiting local colleges is just as valuable. 

Arrange a Visit

All colleges have admission offices that can help you plan your visit. Your high school may organize group tours of nearby colleges. And you can plan your own informal visit to a college campus. Take these important first steps:

  • Contact the college admission office through the college's website or by email or phone to get details and make a reservation.
  • Talk to your counselor about joining an organized tour of campuses you might not get to visit otherwise.
  • Schedule time to be on your own. Walk around the public areas of the college and don't be shy about asking students questions.

Get Ready

Before your visit, you should get prepared:

  • Explore the college’s official website and review any materials the college has sent you. This will help you come up with questions specific to that college.
  • Make a list of questions to ask both staff and students. You can use the Campus Visit Checklist as a starting point.
  • Get a map of the college campus and check where the admission office is. This will help ensure that you're on time for your visit.

When you are finally moving to campus don't forget these things:


Laptop. Phone. Tablet. All your devices should not be forgotten.


This might not seem that important until you have an important meeting and you’ve spilled coffee all down your shirt. Or until you step in a giant puddle and soak your shoes. You definitely want to save yourself from blisters and bleeding feet.


Keeping extra deodorant in your bag will be your saving grace — especially in the summer or if you go to school in a warm climate.


You don’t want to walk around all day with your breath smelling like your first cup of coffee in the morning or with your lunch stuck in your teeth. If you keep some oral health essentials with you at all times, you’ll be a lot more confident in your smile.


When you hike up that hill, you’re going to wish you had something to swig. You’ll appreciate having a water bottle with you at least once a day. Just make sure you wash it out every now and then.


Walking around campus means opening doors, grabbing handrails and touching other people … Ick! You never want to sit down to eat something (even a snack) without squirting some hand sanitizer on your palms beforehand. Channel your “inner mom” and pull out the sanitizing wet-wipes to wipe down your table as well. It’s always flu season on campus!


When I used to have long hair, I always made sure I had a hair band on my wrist or a hat for hot days.

Good luck with your campus!

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