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Women in Engineering Grant for International Students at Curtin University Dubai, UAE

All the eligible applicants will be provided with the educational fund to pursue an undergraduate degree at Curtin University Dubai.... more details

  •  Bachelor, Grant
  •  United Arab Emirates
  • $$  Educational Fund

International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship at Zayed University, UAE

The sponsorship will assist all deserving students by covering 50% of tuition fees to complete their undergraduate degree in the UAE. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  United Arab Emirates
  • $$  50% of tuition fees

United Arab Emirates University International undergraduate financial aid

Full tuition fee support will provide a 100% tuition waiver to qualified students. The partial tuition fees support will grant a 50% tuition waiver. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  United Arab Emirates
  • $$  Full/partial tuition fees

Apex GMAT - GMAT Instruction Scholarship

A student will receive private one on one GMAT tutoring with an instructor that has scored 770 or above on the GMAT as well as has many years of teaching under their belt. ... more details

  •  Master
  •  Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
  • $$  25% to 100% off total GMAT prep.

First General Bank program, 2020

Total $10,000 will be offered in fours scholarships. Each award is valued at $2,500. Grants will only apply on tuition cost for appearing a college or university. ... more details

  •  Course, Bachelor
  •  Asia
  • $$  $10,000 ($2500 each)

Your Company Formations Business Scholarship

Our scholarship will provide a successful applicant with a bursary of $1000. This is designed to help students with the costs of university/college. ... more details

  •  Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course
  •  Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States
  • $$  $1000

The Anime News Scholarship Program

We value education and want to help students with the finances for their further studies. ... more details

  •  Master, Bachelor, Course, Contest
  •  United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
  • $$  $1000

2nd Digital Marketing Scholarship of $2999

Students who currently enrolled already in any institute or looking to get enroll. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master, Phd, Course
  •  United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
  • $$  $2999

University of Wollongong - Academic Excellence Scholarship

Two categories of scholarship are available to postgraduate students. 25% scholarship 15% scholarship Within each category, the number of scholarships awarded is limited and you must meet the minimum selection criteria for the relevant category in or... more details

  •  Master
  •  Denmark, United Arab Emirates
  • $$  Partially Funded

Emirates Aviation University - University Scholarship

Students who apply for the University Scholarship are expected to demonstrate outstanding personal qualities and the ability to contribute to the university and community. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master
  •  United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
  • $$  Partially Funded

Masdar Institute Scholarships

Masdar Institute Scholarships 100% of all tuition fees All required textbooks A laptop Masdar Institute housing Monthly stipend Health insurance Annual return ticket home (if applicable) IRENA Scholarship 100% of all tuition fees All required textboo... more details

  •  Master, Phd, Contest
  •  Japan, United Arab Emirates
  • $$  Fully Funded

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INSEAD MBA ‘89J Glen Jones Endowed Scholarship

Candidates admitted to the MBA Programme or invited to admissions interviews and demonstrating financial need. ... more details

  •  Master
  •  France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
  • $$  Partially Funded

INSEAD Michael Salomon’89J Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and promise, and whose background, work experience and personal profile contribute to the breadth and depth of diversity in the MBA programme. Strong pref... more details

  •  Master
  •  Egypt, France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates
  • $$  Partially Funded

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