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Erasmus Mundus scholarships master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling

The scholarship covers the costs of participating in the program in addition to providing a monthly stipend to the scholarship holders for their expenses. The students will have the opportunity to study in different universities in Europe and to know... more details

  •  Master
  •  15-Jan-2021
  •  Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
  • $$  €1000 per month

International Doctoral Fellowships at CIMI, University of Toulouse, France

Eligible Countries: French and foreign students can apply for this application . Acceptable Course or Subjects: The sponsorship will be awarded in any Doctoral study offered by the university. Admissible Criteria: The grant is open to candidates who... more details

  •  PhD
  •  01-Mar-2020
  •  France
  • $$  Education fund

EuReCa PhD program for International Students in Paris, France

Institute Curie will provide accommodation, food and reimburse travel expenses (economy fare) to the winning candidates. ... more details

  •  PhD
  •  01-Jan-2020
  •  France
  • $$  Varies

University of Maine International Flagship Scholarship in the US 2020-2021

Eligible Countries: Candidates of any nationality are eligible to join. Acceptable Course or Subjects: The program is available for undertaking an undergraduate degree program in any field offered by the university. Admissible Criteria: Overseas fi... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  France
  • $$  US$10,000

ARCHIPELAGO African-European TVET Initiative Program

Each selected project will receive a grant of between €400,000 and €500,000. Each grant may cover 100% of the total eligible costs of the project. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Course
  •  05-Feb-2020
  •  Europe
  • $$  €500,000

Your Company Formations Business Scholarship

Our scholarship will provide a successful applicant with a bursary of $1000. This is designed to help students with the costs of university/college. ... more details

  •  Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course
  •  28-Aug-2020
  •  Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States
  • $$  $1000

European Central Bank "Women in Economics Scholarship"

A grant of €10,000 A study-visit to the European Central bank Insights into our cutting-edge economic research Meet your fellow scholars and the ECB's Women in Leadership network Get advice and mentoring from an ECB economist ... more details

  •  Master
  •  30-Apr-2020
  •  Europe
  • $$  €10,000 each for five female economics students

BIF Travel Grants for European or Non-European Citizens in Germany

Travel grants are awarded for short-term visits of up to 3 months. We provide a flat-rate contribution which may cover the expenses for travel, lodging and course fees. ... more details

  •  Phd
  •  31-Aug-2020
  •  Europe, Germany
  • $$  Travel grants are awarded for short-term visits of up to 3 months.

ECU Gerald Frank Brown funding for European Students in Australia

The bursary will be awarded worth up to $2,000. For European recipients, this will be after arriving in Western Australia. For Western Australian recipients, it will be prior to leaving for Europe. ... more details

  •  Master, Phd
  •  31-Jul-2019
  •  Australia, Europe
  • $$  $2000

Pasteur Institute Doctoral Research Scholarship for French and Foreign Scientists

Funding covers living and insurance expenses (€1,400 net per month). One return fare between the home country and internship location is also funded. ... more details

  •  Phd
  •  15-Jul-2017
  •  France

PRESTIGE Postdoc Program 2017

Any post-doc level researcher complying with the Marie Curie Actions mobility rules (not have resided or carried out his/her main activity - work, studies, etc. - in the country of his/her host organisation for more than 12 months in the three years ... more details

  •  Phd
  •  31-Dec-2016
  •  France
  • $$  Fully Funded

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FACC Foundation Serge Bellanger International Business Degree Scholarship

Chosen recipients will join an exclusive alumni of former scholarship recipients and be invited to attend the annual FACC Foundation Gala on October 3rd in NYC. ... more details

  •  Master
  •  29-Apr-2019
  •  France, United States
  • $$  $10,000 award for tuition

Novus Biologicals Scholarship

A $1,500 scholarship will be awarded to one student pursing a science-related field. *US, EMEA, Canada only ... more details

  •  Master, Bachelor, Phd
  •  31-Jul-2019
  •  Africa, Canada, Europe, United States
  • $$  $1500 scholarship

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