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Support for doctoral candidates

The Foundation of German Business (SDW) offers doctoral candidates a vast number of opportunities ranging from various seminars and training programmes to financial support. Courses are held in German, so that candidates should have German ... more details

  •  Germany

Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds: Travel Grants

The travel grants are aimed at doctoral and post-doctoral students who pursue experimental projects in the field of basic biomedical research and who wish to learn about precise methods relevant for current research and work at their ... more details

  •  Germany

Friedrich Naumann Foundation: Scholarship for Doctoral Students

The FNS doctoral funding is intended for highly talented post-graduates from abroad. The scholarship is awarded independent of parental income and need not be repaid. The subject of the doctoral thesis should be of relevance for science and ... more details

  •  Germany

Herzog August Bibliothek: Doctoral Fellowships

The sponsorships are aimed at particularly qualified junior scholars and researchers from all areas of historical study, planning to focus their research on the Herzog August Library during the stay. Junior postgraduate students from ... more details

  •  Germany

Friedrich Naumann Foundation: Scholarship for International Students

The scholarship scheme is open to qualified international candidates with a first academic degree studying at German higher-education institutions for a Master's or a state examination degree. The minimum funding covers two semesters. ... more details

  •  Germany

Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research: PhD Programme

Excellent graduates of any nationality who wish to obtain a doctorate in the field of cancer research are eligible for support. Application requirements for one of the 36 scholarships awarded every year include very good school and academic ... more details

  •  Germany

Fritz Thyssen Foundation: Post-doc Stipends

The Foundation awards every year 50 sponsorships to junior researchers who wish to undertake autonomous, fixed-term research immediately following their doctorates. Highly qualified post-doctoral candidates from all disciplines are eligible ... more details

  •  Germany

Evonik Foundation: Evonik Scholarships

Research work and projects by doctoral students in the natural sciences, but also Diplom and Master's theses are eligible for funding. The programme's focus is on the active support of particularly gifted and skilled young scientists and ... more details

  •  Germany

German Research Foundation (DFG): Heisenberg Programme (Heisenberg Fellowship/Heisenberg Professorship)

The Heisenberg Programme sponsors outstanding researchers who are qualified for tenured professorship: they have the opportunity to prepare for a future scientific leadership position and simultaneously continue performing top-class ... more details

  •  Germany

Copernicus: Fellowship Programme

Copernicus awards six to 10 fellowships to students from East- and Central European or Central Asian countries per semester in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg. The funding period is of about six months, its exact beginning and end ... more details

  •  Germany

German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina: Post-doctoral Scholarship

The programme is intended for outstanding junior post-doctoral scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the natural sciences and medical disciplines who already have their own research profile. If accepted, they have the ... more details

  •  Germany

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Hans Böckler Foundation: PhD scholarship

The Hans Böckler Foundation is the institute of the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) to promote research and studies. The HSB awards scholarships to doctoral students with outstanding academic gifts who show commitment to labour ... more details

  •  Germany

Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation: Hezekiah Wardwell Fellowship

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards each year up to 10 fellowships to highly gifted young musicians and musicologists from Spain to help finance their further training or advanced academic studies. This includes academic ... more details

  •  Germany

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