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Win 1 of the 20 international scholarships for the international Masters of Raffles Milano

The contest is opened to students with an Undergraduate Degree or Bachelors’ Degree and with a non-academic degree or qualification. Even candidates with a working track record in the chosen field of study can participate. ... more details

  •  Master, Grant
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  20 partial scholarships for each Master covering 50% and 25% of the tuition fee, not including the enrollment fee

Smart Connection Challenge with Deutsche Telekom Electronic Beats in Berlin

18-35 year-olds in fields such as - but not limited to - music, design, social entrepreneurship, technology, activism, journalism, education and/or the arts. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Course
  •  Germany
  • $$  Selected participants will receive a full scholarship covering tuition as well as travel cost to and from Berlin, local accommodation and public transport for the program duration.

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

Scholarships must be used at an accredited post-secondary institution seeking an undergraduate degree.All applicants must be pursuing a degree/field of study in one of the following categories: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and busin... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  $2,500

TrophyCentral Sportsmanship & Compassion Scholarship Award

he scholarship will be paid directly to the college or university to which the winner is enrolled. Scholarship amount is $1000. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  $1,000 scholarship award to be applied to their first year`s tuition to a college or university

BPR International Essay Competition

The winner of the competition will bear the title, “Berkeley Political Review National Essay Competition Top Scholar”, be awarded a certificate from BPR, and will have their essay featured on our website and in our popular semesterly print issue. In ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Contest
  •  United States
  • $$  $100

Adair Blain Scholarship – 2018

The successful candidate will get a $2000 grant. ... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  $2000

Marketing Scholarship

Ability to expand your vision and prospects of digital programmatic ecosystem development. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master, Course
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  1-st place - 600$, 2-nd - 400$, 3-rd - 200$

Animal science and Dentistry

when he/she do not have fund for continue stude, although she is clever and hardworking ... more details

  •  Master
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  100%

Essay Scholarships 2018 For Bachelors and Masters Students

If you really wanna win essay scholarships, you can’t just throw your response together in 30 minutes and send it to us. While this strategy may have worked for you in English class, chances are $2500 wasn’t riding on whether you got an A on any of y... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master, Course, Contest
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  First Prize: 2500$ , Second Prize: 1500$, Third Prize: 1000$


Students should be of age 18 years old and above.?Who are enrolled in an accredited college or university located anywhere in the world.?Winner should submit Student ID card for verification ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master, Phd, Course
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  $1500 Scholarship for App Review

The Organic Aromas $1000 Aromatherapy Scholarship

The selected winner will receive $1000 put towards tuition to become a certified aromatherapist. ... more details

  •  Course
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  $1000 usd tuition towards becoming a Certified Aromatherapist

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TopTechGiant $1000 Scholarship for International Students

The winner will receive $1000 rewards so that he/she can pay his/her higher education tuition fee and will be helpful to fulfill the dream. ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  $1000

$5,000 Easy Scholarship: Create a Recycling Bin for Your Bathroom

The chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.A guide on how to recycle the right stuff in the right place.The opportunity to help save the planet...starting in your bathroom! ... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master, Phd, Course
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  5000$

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