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If you are looking for any information about how to get college scholarships and financial aid, you are in the right place. This listing will provide you with ongoing college and university scholarships ⭐ competitions and internships for 2022-2023 years, available for local scholars, international students from any or specific locations, or other developing countries.

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International Undergraduate Faculty of Architecture and Design Scholarships in Turkey

Successful scholars will receive an educational fund at the Ozyegin University in Turkey.... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  01-Aug-2022
  •  Turkey
  • $$  Educational fund

Canada Law Scholarships at Nottingham Trent University, UK

Nottingham Trent University will provide a 25% to 50% tuition fee waiver for applicants in the UK.... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  30-Jun-2022
  •  United Kingdom
  • $$  Up to 50% of tuition fee

Naropa Grants for International Students in USA

Winners will receive the award amount ranging from $3,000-$10,000 to complete their studies in the USA.... more details

  •  Bachelor, Grant
  •  01-Jul-2022
  •  United States
  • $$  $3,000-$10,000

Monash University Singapore Alumni ASEAN Scholarship, Australia

Successful applicants for Singapore Alumni ASEAN Scholarship will receive the following benefits: Tuition fees $14,000 AUD allowance per year On-campus accommodation. You must  apply directly to Monash Residential Services (MRS) for on... more details

  •  Bachelor
  •  17-Jul-2022
  •  Australia
  • $$  Varies

Faculty of Engineering Research Stipend International Scholarships in Australia

The applicants selected by the University of Sydney will be provided a stipend at the University of Sydney’s RTP stipend rate for up to one year and three years for master’s or PhD studies.... more details

  •  Master
  •  Not Specified
  •  Australia
  • $$  Stipend

PhD International Positions in Systems and Languages for Cyber Security and Privacy, Sweden

The selected candidates will be provided full-time employment at the Chalmers University of Technology for up to 5 years with a PhD salary of 31,000 SEK per month.... more details

  •  PhD
  •  Not Specified
  •  Sweden
  • $$  31,000 SEK

International PhD Studentships in MEMS Based Antennas for 5G and 6G Communications, UK

Successful applicants will receive an annual stipend of £18,062, including outer London allowance plus payment of their full-time tuition fees for a period of 42 months (3.5 years).... more details

  •  PhD
  •  25-May-2022
  •  United Kingdom
  • $$  £18,062

PhD Studentships in Improvement of Bioaerosol Parametrization in Atmospheric Models in UK

The University of Hertfordshire will cover a stipend of an Annual tax-free bursary of approximately £15,609, plus tuition fees (£5,590 for UK or £ 14,905 for International and EU applicants).... more details

  •  PhD
  •  31-May-2022
  •  United Kingdom
  • $$  £15,609

International Fully-Funded EPSRC (DTP) PhD Scholarships in Risk Assessment of CO2 Transportation, UK

The University College London will provide an award amount of £18,609 per year minimum + tuition fees to the high achieving candidates.... more details

  •  PhD
  •  01-Jun-2022
  •  United Kingdom
  • $$  Varies

IFCN Education Scholarships for Clinical Neurophysiologists in Africa & Developing Countries

Both the education and research scholarships are for $25,000 USD.... more details

  •  Master
  •  15-Jun-2022
  •  Worldwide
  • $$  Varies

Deloitte Graduate Academy Finance Programme for Nigerian Graduates

The purpose of Deloitte Finance Academy is to develop the talents required to harness emerging opportunities in Accounting Operations Advisory, Finance Transformation, Financial Reporting, and Actuarial Science ... more details

  •  Course, Internship
  •  Not Specified
  •  Nigeria
  • $$  Varies

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University of Basel PhD Scholarships for African Students

We offer an international, multidisciplinary work environment and excellent research infrastructure and a workplace in the heart of Basel. Compensation will be according to the guidelines of the University of Basel. ... more details

  •  Master, PhD
  •  31-May-2022
  •  Switzerland
  • $$  Varies

Chinese-English Translation International Scholarships in UK

The students selected will be given a tuition fee discount of £3,000 on the cost of their first year of study of the undertaken PG programme at the University of Essex.... more details

  •  Master
  •  01-May-2023
  •  United Kingdom
  • $$  £3,000

Some of these scholarships are fully or partially funded while some may have very specific benefits like tuition and accomodation fees coverage, different allowances, or travel and insurance coverages for local and international students. These college scholarships, internships, coops, grants and bursaries can be for both detached or degree-bound like postgraduates and undergraduates, for Bachelors Degree, Masters, PhD, Fellowship or can be based on merit or have competitive schemes like contests or incentives, etc. Scholarships are usually funded by governments, foundations, universities, colleges, non-government organizations (NGOs) or private sponsors.

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