Graphic Design / Digital Print Production

  •  Bachelor, Master, Phd
  •  31-Jul-2018
  •   All Locations
  • $$  The amount per graphic design scholarship is $2500 USD

We know college is expensive so we have created an annual series of Graphic Design Scholarships.  Graphic Designers play a massive role in the world and in our opinion, their work is often overlooked.  At our small company alone, our design team produces 10,000’s of monthly prints that are seen by millions of people.  At Nonstop Signs, we want to help create an arena for graphic designers to thrive and succeed.  We are giving scholarships to graphic designers every year until further notice.  We want to give our graphic design scholarship based on the most impressive design portfolio we see.  If you are or a friend are interested in our graphic design scholarships, please apply below!

This design scholarship is available to any full-time student who is in any grade in high school, high school seniors, full-time students, university students, graduate students, and anyone else looking for a design degree or four-year degree.  This is for full-time college students or students who are slowly racking up credit hours.  This is not a design scholarship for interior design but it is for fine arts, graphic design arts, visual arts, graphic communications, or any other graphic design program.  You can use your scholarship towards any two-year degree, four-year degree or masters degree.  There is no minimum GPA for our scholarship program, all students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship award.

Vlad Kushneryk

Marketing Director(800)

Eligibility Criteria

You can be at any level of schooling to participate in our graphic arts scholarship.  Including but not limited to university students, graduate students, four-year college students, visual arts students, graphic communications students, first-year students, undergraduate students, bachelor’s degree students, post-secondary education students, graphic design students, master’s degree program students, and those focused on getting an online master’s degree.  This is not an art history scholarship.

Offered Benefits

Our design scholarships are not part of a federal financial aid program.  They are part of a private program to help graphic design arts and artists paid for in full by Nonstop Signs out of Los Angeles, California.  This is not a memorial scholarship or an endowed scholarship.  For more information about our degree program, feel free to email or call us today.

Application Process

Here is the information we will need from you to enter our graphic design scholarship competition.  We wish we could award all of you the scholarship but we hope you win!

First and Last NameLink to your Graphic Design PortfolioEmail AddressYour storyThe reason why you think you should winWhat is your dream career?

That is it!  We want to make this easy and we want graphic designers to prosper.

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