ECCO Fellowships and Grants

The European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) offers Research Fellowships to encourage and help young individuals in their career and promote innovative scientific research in the area of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Europe.

Applicants should be aware that these awards are offered to promote and encourage innovative research in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases by young and enthusiastic basic and/or clinical scientists. Individuals with a well-established career in the field of IBD research are not considered eligible for these fellowships.

Eligibility Criteria

**In order to be eligible, the candidate must: **

1. Not be older than 40 years or still in training at the time of application.

6. ECCO Fellowship applicants are not limited to the ECCO Member Countries and can apply from non-European countries, but the benefit to ECCO has to be clearly stated.

7. Fellowships aim to enhance the opportunity for IBD trainees to work in European centres. The principal purpose is to enhance the fabric and scientific contribution of ECCO. Exceptional circumstances such as an ECCO Member from an ECCO Member state travelling to a non--member state will be considered, but such an application is likely to receive a lower priority than an ECCO Member from a non-European country visiting Europe.

Offered Benefits

A total amount of 60.000 Euro will be awarded for one ECCO Fellowship Salary of the fellow:  The Fellowship award has to be used to cover the applicant’s salary. If the award is not entirely used for the applicant’s salary, the remaining funds have to be used for other expenses of the Fellowship project (e.g. lab material). If, after the award of an ECCO Fellowship, a separate application for funding the project is successful, then the host is required to inform SciCom. This is to allow appropriate discussion of a separate funding body providing the salary of the individual and recognition of ECCO support.

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