249 Grants and Non-Merit Scholarships

Grants and Non-Merit Scholarships

As you may already know grants are different from scholarships. When scholarships are usually merit-based or competition-based, grants are usually given to those who has a financial need or grants are directed for a particular area of study or group of people. One type of grants, like an enormous variety of federal grants from highly prestigious organizations like the NIH, the DOE, the NSF, the EPA, and NASA, are given for the schientific researches to groups of scientists working on a particular problem. Other type of grants like the Federal Pell Grant or the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), are awarded based on the student’s demonstrated financial need. These grants typically come from the federal government, state governments and colleges and universities, but may also come from corporations, institutions and foundations.

There are actually just four main types of grant funding. We give descriptions and examples of competitive, formula, continuation, and pass-through grants to give you a basic understanding of funding structures as you do your search for possible sources of financial aid.

Competitive Funding - also known as discretionary funding, competitive funding is a process of proposal selection based on the evaluation of a reviewer or team of reviewers. Funding is based on the merits of the application, and recipients are not pre-determined.

Formula Funding. In contrast to competitive funding, formula grants are given to pre-determined recipients. Non-competitive awards are usually allocated to eligible entities according to population and/or other census criteria, and all applicants who meet the minimum requirements of the application process are entitled to receive money. In many instances, formula funds are distributed from the federal level to states. States then determine the process to be used to award funds to local jurisdictions.

Continuation funding grant programs offer current award recipients the option of renewing grants for the following year. Some programs are restricted to existing grantees only, while others invite applications from current grantees and new applicants. Often, current grantees are awarded extra points during the review process for being a current grant recipient. Since priority is often given to continuing applicants, if you are a new applicant, you should consider entering into a partnership with a currently funded entity.

Pass-Through grants are funds given by the federal government to the states for further distribution to local governments. Under this funding structure, states may disburse federal funds to eligible local jurisdictions through formula allocations or open competitions.

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ULTATEL Scholarship Grant

If your essay gets chosen as the winner, we will award you with a one-time scholarship amount of $2,500 to cover your undergraduate or postgraduate tuition and fees. ULTATEL will mail a check directly to your college or university on your behalf.... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master
  •  31-Jan-2022
  •  United States

MER Consortium Grants for EU Students, 2021

The MER Consortium Grants in the MER-CG program are providing a worth of up to a maximum of € 5400 to the deserving candidates for the academic year 2021/2022.... more details

  •  Master
  •  01-Jul-2021
  •  Europe

B.C. Access Grants in Canada, 2021

Benefits of the B.C. Access Grant are as follows: up to $4,000 per eight-month school year (up to $117.65 per week of study) for students enrolled in undergraduate programs that are less than two years in length. up to $1,000 per eight-month scho... more details

  •  Diploma, Bachelor
  •  01-Jun-2021
  •  Canada

Capital Management Department Academic International Grants in Thailand

The Capital Management Department Academic Grants will provide4 various facilities along with a monthly stipend of up to 16,000 Baht and tuition fees of the deserving students at the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. ... more details

  •  Master, PhD
  •  23-Apr-2021
  •  Thailand

University of Bologna Study Grants and Tuition Fee Waivers for International Students in Italy

The benefits of the Study Grant and Tuition fee waiver are providing a worth of up to €11,000 gross and tuition fee waiver to the deserving candidates at the University of Bologna for the academic year 2021-2022.... more details

  •  Course
  •  30-Apr-2021
  •  Italy

AGNES Intra-Africa Mobility Grants for Junior Researchers, Sub-Saharan Africa

A maximum Grant amount of EUR 2300 and EUR 3000 is earmarked for 1 and 2 months stays, This once-off Grant cannot be used to fund stays retroactively, i.e. not prior to June 1st 2021, and all stays must be completed by 30th October 2021. The recipie... more details

  •  PhD
  •  30-Apr-2021
  •  Africa

Study Grant for International Students at MCI in Austria

The Study Grant is providing a wonderful award amount of up to € 8,580 for the high achieving scholars at MCI for the academic year 2021-2022.... more details

  •  Master, PhD
  •  15-May-2021
  •  Austria

International Student tuition grants at Life Chiropractic College West, USA

Life Chiropractic College West will provide 20% of tuition fees to talented international students in the USA.... more details

  •  Diploma, PhD
  •  Open
  •  United States

OeAD Scholarships and Grants For International Students, Austria

Target groups: Varies. Undergraduate and graduate students from non-European countries (conducting a degree on Bachelor or master level) can apply for the Ernst Mach Grant for Studying at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences, which allows... more details

  •  Bachelor, Master, PhD, Fellowship
  •  1 Feb, 1-31 Mar
  •  Austria

UQ Cerebral Palsy Alliance PhD Research International Grants in Australia, 2020

Eligible students will receive up to $35,000 per annum for a PhD degree programme at the University of Queensland in Australia. ... more details

  •  PhD
  •  Open
  •  Australia

Relocation Grant

Up to the value of AUD $2,000 to cover the cost of an economy class airfare on a one way ticket from the student’s current location (onshore or offshore) to the EIT campus location. EIT will organise the airfare on your behalf and will include a min... more details

  •  Master
  •  01-Jul-2021
  •  Australia

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Oklahoma City Community College International Student tuition grants in USA

The Oklahoma City Community College will cover an award amount of $1,500 to the successful candidates.  This tuition waiver is limited in number and will be awarded on a competitive basis.... more details

  •  Diploma, Bachelor
  •  February 1st
  •  United States

Gary Saitowitz Grant

The student must be currently enrolled at one of the recognized American colleges or universities. The candidate should be a sophomore, a junior, or a freshman, as a currently enrolled graduate is sought-after. All students must pen an interesting, ... more details

  •  Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course
  •  01-May-2021
  •  Cyprus, United States

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