COVID-19 update: 460+ million cases, 6+ mil deaths, 400+ million recovered.

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The new Omicron variant of coronavirus appeared to trigger a spike in cases globally, although the number of official daily cases has fallen sharply in recent weeks.

Studies suggest that Omicron - which quickly became dominant in numerous countries - is milder than the Delta variant, but far more contagious.

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said there was now a "very worrying increase in deaths, in most regions of the world" and it was "premature for any country either to surrender, or to declare victory".

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Asia, which was the centre of the initial outbreak that spread from Wuhan in China in early 2020, shows a mixed picture with case numbers rising rapidly in some countries while falling sharply in others.


South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore are all experiencing their highest wave of infections since the start of the pandemic.

In contrast, India has seen its daily cases fall sharply, registering 6,000 cases per day on average. The country has now recorded nearly 43 million cases in total - second only to the US. The official death toll in India is more than 515,000.

China has maintained a zero-Covid policy since the first outbreak in 2019, with harsh restrictions and widespread testing. However, it is facing a new surge in cases in the north-east of the country as well as a fresh outbreak in Hong Kong.

China has reported almost 740,000 cases and more than 8,500 coronavirus deaths - still much lower than the figures reported by other major nations.

North America

The US has recorded around 79 million cases and over 960,000 deaths - the highest figures in the world. Daily cases and death counts have started to fall, but deaths remain above 1,000 a day.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the country's chief adviser on infectious disease, has said the latest wave now seems to be going in the right direction but hospitalisations could still put pressure on health services in areas of the country where people had not been fully vaccinated or had a booster.

Canada recently recorded its highest number of daily deaths since the country's first wave of coronavirus cases in May 2020, peaking around 165 per day at the end of January. However, the death rate in Canada remains far lower than that of the US.


Daily cases are now lower in nearly all European countries than their previous peaks, though some are further through the Omicron wave than others.

Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria have recently seen their daily infections increase.

France has seen figures fall rapidly for the last three weeks, after reaching a seven-day average of over 350,000 cases a day at the end of January.

In the UK, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a slight rise in infections, while official data also shows a gradual increase in Covid hospital admissions. However, hospitalisations and deaths appear to have been greatly reduced due to the UK's widespread vaccination rollout.


Africa has seen more than 11 million cases and 250,000 deaths - but the true extent of the pandemic across the continent is not known as testing rates are low.

According to the official figures, South Africa has been the worst-hit country with more than 3.6 million confirmed cases and nearly 100,000 deaths.

South Africa was the first country to identify the new Omicron variant and it led to a sharp increase in infections - the fourth wave of infections in the country.

Middle East

Several countries in the Middle East have seen severe outbreaks of the virus since the pandemic began.

The official death toll in Iran, the region's worst-hit country, is more than 138,000 and it has seen over seven million confirmed cases.

Neighbouring Iraq has seen 25,000 deaths and more than two million confirmed cases.

The recent wave in Israel is falling. Its vaccination rollout has been highly successful at minimising the number of hospitalisations and deaths in the country. It has now begun administering a fourth vaccine dose to people aged over 60 and to healthcare workers.

Latin America

In Latin America, cases are falling nearly everywhere after a recent rise in many countries.

Brazil has been the worst-hit country in the region, recording more than 29 million cases and 655,000 deaths - the world's second-highest official death toll.

In Peru, there have been more than 211,000 deaths and the country has the world's highest number of deaths by population size - more than 640 deaths for every 100,000 people.


Early in the pandemic, Australia and New Zealand were widely praised for their response to Covid but both have now seen their first spike in cases.

Daily case figures have now fallen in Australia and the government has announced the reopening of its borders to vaccinated tourists and other visa holders for the first time in almost two years.

So far, Australia has seen more than 3.5 million confirmed cases and over 5,500 deaths.

Daily cases are still rising rapidly in New Zealand, which has recorded 362,000 cases but only 101 deaths. Plans for a limited re-opening of the border are still going ahead.


Monday, August 16th

Highlights of country-level actions and WHO support to countries include:

  • Facilitating procurement of 1.6 million antigen-detecting rapid diagnostic tests to strengthen COVID-19 diagnostic in Indonesia
  • The roll-out of Go.Data contact tracing tool in Ukraine
  • Donated COVID-19 vaccine doses by France arrive in Somalia
  • Community health at the center of COVID-19 vaccination in indigenous communities in Paraguay
  • Online learning opportunities to support hospital infection prevention and control committees in Azerbaijan
  • Progress on a subset of indicators from the SPRP 2021 Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Updates on WHO’s financing to support countries in SPRP 2021 implementation and provision of critical supplies.

Thursday, January 28th

Authorities in 219 countries and territories have reported about 100.2 million Covid‑19 cases and 2.2 million deaths since China reported its first cases to the World Health Organization (WHO) in December 2019.

Thursday, October 15th

Johns Hopkins data show that 26.7 million people have recovered from COVID-19 since the start of the outbreak.

Global totals: Reported cases 39+ million, reported deaths 1.1+ million.

Tuesday, September 29th

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 rose to 33.4 million on Tuesday, a day after the global death toll reached 1 million, as governments around the world moved to reimpose restrictions on movement in a fight to contain the spread.

Dr. Michael Ryan, head of the World Health Organization’s emergencies program, said Monday the true toll from COVID-19 likely exceeds 1 million. Experts have cautioned that there are discrepancies between how data are collected and reported in different countries.

The U.S., which accounts for just 4% of the world’s population, continues to lead in case numbers and fatalities, with 7.2 million confirmed cases and 205,091 deaths, a fifth of the global total. Experts have said the numbers would be lower if the U.S. had stuck with a consistent approach to the pandemic from the outset, and implemented the wide-scale testing, contact tracing and isolation of infected patients, quarantining, social distancing and face-mask wearing, that have proven effective in those places that have got the outbreak under control.

Sunday, August 2nd

The global tally for confirmed cases of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 climbed above 17.6 million on Saturday, and the death toll rose to 680,092. At least 10.3 million people have recovered. The U.S. case tally climbed to 4.56 million and the death toll rose to 153,378.

More than 1.9 million new U.S. cases were reported in July, the most counted in a single month since the start of the outbreak. Brazil is second to the U.S. with 2.7 million cases and 92,475 deaths. India is third measured by cases at 1.7 million, followed by Russia with 843,890 and South Africa with 493,183. The U.K. has 304,801 cases and 46,204 fatalities, the highest in Europe and fourth highest in the world, after Mexico moved past it by deaths with 46,688. China, where the illness was first reported late last year, has 87,780 cases, and 4,665 fatalities.

Wednesday, July 8th

There are now 12 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and at least 550k people have died, according to the Johns Hopkins data. At least 6.5 million people have recovered.

The U.S. death toll has climbed to 131,521, the highest in the world. Within the U.S., infections have climbed in 38 states and regions over the past 14 days, with U.S. Virgin Islands, Montana and Idaho leading the pack. Becton Dickinson & Co. will receive $42 million from the U.S. government to build out manufacturing capacity for vaccine injection devices, to be used during the pandemic.

Brazil is second to the U.S. with 1.67 million cases and 66,741 deaths. President Jair Bolsanaro tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.

India is third measured by cases at 742,417, followed by Russia with 699,749 and Peru with 309,278.

The U.K. has 44,476 fatalities, the highest in Europe and third highest in the world.

China, where the illness was first reported late last year, has 84,917 cases and 4,641 fatalities.

Monday, June 22th

The global COVID-19 case tally increased to 9,008,870 million on Monday afternoon, while the death toll rose to 470k. About 4.48 million people have recovered. The U.S.'s case and death tolls continue to lead the world by a large margin, with COVID-19 cases growing to 2.29 million and the number of deaths rising to 120,121. About 622,000 people have recovered. Outside the U.S., Brazil remained the new hot spot, with cases climbing to 1.08 million cases and deaths rising to 50,591.

Russia has the highest case tally in Europe with 591,465, while the U.K. leads the region in fatalities with 42,731. The U.K. has 306,761 cases, while Russia has recorded 8,196 deaths.

Early hot spot Spain was eighth in the world in cases with 246,504, and with a death toll of 28,324, while Italy has 238,720 cases and 34,657 deaths. France has 197,008 cases and 29,643 deaths, while Germany has 191,768 cases and 8,899 deaths.

Elsewhere, India has 425,282 cases and 13,699 deaths, Peru has 251,338 cases and 7,861 deaths, Canada has 103,292 cases and 8,487 deaths and Mexico has 180,545 cases and 21,825.

Friday, June 5th

Student should start preparing to get back to schools as the pandemic slows down, businesses are re-opening, and governments have plans of going back to normal life.

Total cases topped 6.75 million worldwide on Friday, and the number of deaths grew to over 395,500, while about 2.9 million people have recovered. But in a shocking announcement from the U.S. Labor Department, the U.S. economy added 2.5 million jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 13.3% from 14.7%, while economists had been expecting 7.25 million jobs lost with unemployment rising to 19.0%.

Outside the U.S., Brazil remained the new hot spot, with cases surging to nearly 615,000 cases and deaths climbing to over 34,000.

Friday, May 22nd

There are now 5.16 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide and at least 335,418 people have died. At least 1.9 million people have recovered.

The big overnight move was in India, which suffered its biggest case increase in a 24-hour period since the start of the outbreak with 6,000 new cases confirmed. India now has 124,073 cases. At least 3,707 Indians have died.

The U.S. has the highest case toll in the world at 1.59 million and the highest death toll at 95,276.

Russia has 326,448 cases and 3,249 deaths. Brazil has 310,087 cases and 20,047 deaths.

The U.K. has 255,533 cases and 36,475 deaths, the highest death toll in Europe and second highest in the world after the U.S.

Spain has 234,824 cases and 28,628 deaths, while Italy has 228,658 cases and 32,616 deaths.

France has 181,951 cases and 28,218 deaths, while Germany has 179,278 cases and 8,219 deaths.

Sunday, May 17th

Globally 4 525 497 cases, 307 395 deaths
Africa 58 663 cases (2 202), 1 710 deaths (43)
Americas 1 966 932 cases (57 449), 118 799 deaths (3 742)
Eastern Mediterranean 326 568 cases (10 900), 9 841 deaths (140)
Europe 1 870 545 cases (22 100), 165 951 deaths (1 228)
South-East Asia 134 531 cases (6 536), 4 351 deaths (150)
Western Pacific 167 546 cases (825), 6 730 deaths (33)

Wednesday, April 29

Global optimizm causing countries to look at China's "back to normal" process caveats and experiences, and start preparing recovery plans. Oxford scientists say a vaccine may be widely available by September. Stocks also rise seeing positive news on development of the COVID-19 vaccine and contamination figures going down.

There are now 3.16 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide and at least 219,611 people have died, according to the Johns Hopkins data. At least 957,094 people have recovered. Spain continues to have the highest number of cases in Europe at 236,899 and 24,275 deaths. Italy has 203,591 cases and 27,682 deaths, the highest fatality rate in Europe. Turkey has 117,589 cases and 3,081 deaths, followed by Russia with 99,399 case and 972 deaths. Iran has 93,657 cases and 5,957 deaths. China, where the illness was first reported late last year, has reported 83,940 cases and 4,637 deaths.

The U.K. number surged after officials added patients who died in care homes or the community to the tally of those who died in hospitals That led to a sharp increase of 3,811 in a single day, according to Public Health England, and bumped the death toll to third highest in the world, after the U.S. and Italy. Wales has suffered 886 deaths from the virus, while Scotland has lost 2,272 lives, according to the National Records of Scotland.

France has 169,053 cases and 23,694 deaths, followed by the U.K. with 166,347 cases and 26,166 deaths, the second highest in Europe. The U.K. has overtaken Germany in case numbers. Germany has 160,479 cases but just 6,374 deaths.

New York remains the epicenter with about 300,000 cases and almost 25,000 deaths. New York state counted another 330 deaths on Tuesday, down from the 335 reported on Monday, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Hospitalizations are down on a three-day basis, along with intubations, he said, but the number of new patients showing up with infections remains flat. Trump insisted that the U.S. was doing enough testing to protect Americans re-entering the workforce and said the rate of testing would soon reach 5 million a day, without specifying details. The U.S. has only conducted 5.7 million tests to date.

Tuesday, April 14

There are now 2+ million cases of COVID-19 worldwide and at least 121,836 people have died from it. At least 465,000+ people have recovered.

The U.S. has the highest number of cases at 583,220 and the most deaths at 23,654. New York remains the epicenter with at least 195,000 cases. The death toll rose to 10,834 after another 778 people died on Monday, according to Cuomo.

Spain has 172,541 cases and 18,056 deaths, while Italy has 159,516 cases and 20,465 deaths.

France has 137,887 cases and 14,986 deaths. Germany has 130,434 cases but just 3,220 deaths.

The U.K. has 94,823 cases and 12,125 deaths. China, where the disease first broke out late last year, has 83,306 cases and 3,345 deaths.

Thursday, April 3

The number of cases of COVID-19 around the world crosed a million on Thursday while the U.S. death toll climbed above 5,000. There are now 1,003,221 cases globally and 50,230 people have died, the data show. About 204,720 people have recovered from the novel coronavirus that has sickened people in 180 countries. The U.S still has the most number of cases worldwide, at 226,374 and 5,316 deaths. Another 8,826 people have recovered. Italy has the second highest number of cases at 115,242 but the highest mortality rate at at least 13,915 deaths. Spain's tally comes to 110,238 cases and at least 10,003 deaths. China, where the virus was first detected in December, has 82,432 cases and 3,322 deaths. Germany has 81,728 cases and 997 deaths; France has 57,807 cases and at least 4,043 deaths. Iran has 50,468 cases and at leas

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